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More than a school

Welcome Back

Smith’s Wood welcomes back all pupils this week. It has been wonderful to see so many happy children (and parents) back at school!

This week marks Year 2’s pirate-themed topic day, with all students swashbuckling their way through the curriculum! All students celebrated the occasion by donning their best Pirate costumes and attitudes!

Year 4 began their new art club this week, creative delicious Jackson Pollock themed chocolate masterpieces.

Science has taken over Smith’s Wood this week with all year groups creative innovative ideas to shape the future. With so many different creative ideas it is difficult to pick out any one idea, but below are some examples of innovative ideas from each year group:

  • Year 1 have explored bridges and durability
  • Year 2 have thought up innovative ideas for ways to use and promote ‘Wonky’ vegetables
  • Year 3 have designed and tested new ideas for prosthetic limbs
  • Year 4 have investigated eco house and junk modelling instruments used for a Viking video linking to their new topic
  • Year 5 looked at alternative technologies to create artificial hearts linked to their literacy topic ‘Pig Heart Boy’
  • Year 6 have created their own books chocked full of innovative ideas and inventions

As well as thinking up innovative ideas all pupils this week have taken part in various different Science Assemblies completing experiments and learning about Science.

For more pictures, please see our gallery