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Punctuality — ‘Operation Late Gate’

As part of our drive to increase punctuality levels at Smith’s Wood Primary Academy we will be launching a ‘Late Gate’ process from Monday 18th October until Friday 22nd October 2021

This means that members of the Senior Leadership Team will be on the school entrance from 8:55am speaking directly to parents and carers who are arriving at school late with their children.

They will be asking parents/carers and children the reason for their lateness and this will be logged on their attendance records.

Any child arriving after 8:55am must report to main reception.  Where a pupil arrives after the register closes, this will be classed as an unauthorised absence (U Code).  School registration closes at 8:55am. 

Pupils who have 10 or more ‘U codes’ will be referred to the Education Enforcement Team for the issue of a penalty notice.

Arriving late to school can be both stressful and embarrassing for children. It affects their mindset at the start of the school day and subsequently has an impact on their learning.  To highlight this, if a child is five minutes late every day then it will equate to 3 days lost learning time over the course of one academic year.

We are open for breakfast club from 8:30am each morning. In addition, Key Stage II pupils have the opportunity to play ball games with Mr King on the MUGA at this time.  Classroom doors open promptly at 8:45am where the children begin learning immediately.

Please ensure your child has the best possible start to their school day by arriving on time, every day.