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Pupil of the Week

Each week, we celebrate our ‘Pupils of the Week’ from each year group. Pupils can be recognised for this weekly award for a variety of reasons. They may have excelled in a particular subject through the week; may have shown one, or more, of the school values in abundance, or they may have impressed their teacher, or other staff members with a huge amount of effort. Whatever they are nominated for, they are recognised in the whole school achievement assembly, receive a certificate to take home and get to wear one of our prestigious black and gold t-shirts.

Well done to our ‘Pupil of the Week’ winners this week:

Betty – 1RW

Siara - 1SG

Kaylonni - 2CP

Olivia - 2ERS

Bethany - 3JC

Jacob - 3RO

Sophie - 4BB

Amelia - 4KG

Lois - 5KR

Jake - 5LH

Olivia - 5NW

Jakub - 6ES

Tyrell - 6LB

Joeliyn - 6ST