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More than a school

Y4 Evacuee children arrive at Holdenby House!

On Thursday 1st December, children in Year 4 experienced what life was like for an evacuee child of WW2. They arrived at Holdenby House and were greeted by the headmistress, who informed them they needed to learn a few key skills ready before they left with their host families. Following this, children experienced life in a kitchen where they learnt about rationing and using a range of ingredients to make tasty dishes. In the sewing room, children learnt how to sew buttons and do finger knitting, as well as writing Christmas cards to injured soldiers. Under Holdenby House lies the air raid shelter, where children experienced an attack on Holdenby House and learnt of the sacrifices men, women and children made during the war. At the end of the day, the children sang, ‘God Save the King’, before departing on the bus back to Smith’s Wood.  

For more pictures from the day, please see our gallery