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More than a school

Pupil of the Week

Each week, during our Achievement assembly, we celebrate our ‘Pupils of the Week’ from each year group. Pupils are recognised for this weekly award for a variety of reasons and are nominated by their class teacher. They may have excelled in a particular subject through the week; may have shown one, or more, of the school values in abundance, or they may have impressed their teacher, or other staff members with a huge amount of effort. Whatever they are nominated for, they are recognised in the whole school achievement assembly, receive a certificate to take home and get to wear one of our prestigious black and gold t-shirts. 
During the assembly, we also celebrate children who have 100% attendance for the week and have been in school every day on time. A lucky dip, of all children who are eligible takes place, and one pupil walks away with £5 to spend on whatever they want, Standards and presentation of a child’s book, chosen at random, are also reviewed and celebrated with the school and the child, whose book has been chosen, has the chance to win a dip out of the basket of goodies, as long as they have used their best handwriting every day, completed their feed forward marking and taken care in the presentation of their date and learning objective. We are extremely proud of all of the efforts of our pupils and the Achievement assembly recognises this pride.

A special mention goes to year 6 this week with every pupil being nominated for pupil of the week! When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Year 6 have proven these past few weeks that they are made of steel! A bigger uptake in boot camps than ever, huge focus in interventions and a set of tests executed perfectly! We are so proud of you all #More than a Year Group!

Our weekly winners this week are:

Kylah - REB

Logan - RAH

Cairon-Rhys - 1RW

Ellis - 1SG

Riley - 2CP

Isla-Grace - 2ERS

Beth - 3JC

Riley - 3RO

Lexi - 4BB

Chase - 4KG

Scarlett - 5LH

Leo - 5NW

Lilly-Anna - 5KR

Attendance Winner - Ethan - 4KG

Book Look Winner - Olly - 4KG