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More than a school

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's Super House Win!

Soaring above the competition, The team of Steel emerged victorious yesterday in the inaugural Smith's Wood House Rounder Competition.

Smith's Woods most elite rounder competitors took to the field of play to give a highly skilled performance. All teams showed super-human levels of skill, determination, resilience and competitiveness. They batted with power and laser-like precision to propel the ball to all corners of the field. They fielded with great dexterity and cat-like agility combining this with Usain Bolt-Esque speed a trail of dust left in their wake as they moved around the diamond. 

Our outstanding athletes brought their amazing teamwork skills to the game, showing unparalleled levels of teamwork and friendship.

Well done to Super House and to all teams involved!

For more pictures from the competition, please click here