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Young Parliamentarians Trip to Westminster

On Monday, some Year 6 pupils had the amazing opportunity to visit Westminster in London to discover the Houses of Parliament. Each child was selected as they are one of our 'young leaders' (this means they are either a House Captain, Peer Listener, Wellbeing Warrior or SWAG representative). These 12 children have also been attending a club each week in the lead up to this visit to learn more about politics. 

The day started with going to Birmingham International and taking the train to Euston Station. Once we arrived, we had to get the underground tube from Euston to Embankment, where we walked along the River Thames towards the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Our morning was spent being given a tour of the Houses of Parliament from Gill, who showed us the House of Commons and the House of Lords, which was an incredible experience. After the tour, we were able to have lunch with our local MP - Saqib Bhatti - who asked us all about the debates we've been having in our parliament club. 

Not only did we get to tour the Houses of Parliament, but we also had the chance to go onto Downing Street and have our photos outside number 10, where we even saw the famous 10 Downing Street cat named Larry! Throughout the day, we were able to talk to many different people who worked in politics and for our government.

During the visit to London, we also got to walk to Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and see the London Eye! Everyone had an incredible time  and were thankful for the once in a lifetime opportunity. 

For more pictures from the trip, please see our gallery