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Character Education

At Smith’s Wood Primary, we are passionate about providing our pupils with an education that develops them both academically and morally. Since 2017, we have recognised and implemented Character Education throughout all areas of our school and have since continuously endeavoured to provide our pupils with an all-embracing education system that focuses on character development, as well as academic progress. Our core school values (respect, responsibility, determination, perseverance, friendship and honesty) were agreed by staff, pupils and governors and they now form the foundations of our school. These Values are displayed throughout our school and are consistently used in the language and attitudes of both staff and children. At Smith’s Wood Primary, we strive to encourage our pupils to make the ‘right moral choices’ in school and life through providing an education with an explicit focus on developing the character values we hold desirable for our pupils. Our school values are also embedded within our curriculum, with maths, literacy, foundation subjects and extracurricular activities all celebrating character qualities and encouraging self-reflection. 

We believe that through having a planned, reflective and explicit approach to developing character, we are able to offer our pupils with unique opportunities to flourish and inherit our core school values by the time they leave Smith’s Wood Primary. Since our commitment to Character Education in 2017, school values have had a direct impact on behaviour, attendance and academic results. Pupils are more conscious of making the ‘right choices’ and can discuss our school values with confidence.  Our school values are developed in various ways throughout the school, with our school environment demonstrating our commitment to developing our school values. Within each classroom, a large ‘Character Tree’ is displayed and a customised Smith’s Wood values logo, as well as this, our school values, are engrained into our school corridor and environment. Our school values are promoted through rewards in school, with a value of the half-term chosen for each class and pupils receiving our personalised ‘Values Postcards’, ‘Star of the Week’ (which are certificates awarded in special assemblies) and a stamp in our custom-made ‘Character Passport’. 

Our commitment to character development was mentioned by OFSTED in our inspection in 2017 and then again in May 2023. In 2017, they quoted that “The diverse and rich curriculum allows pupils to learn about moral values and the importance of rule of law”. Additionally, “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and the promotion of fundamental British values are key strengths of the school.”

In May 2023, it was stated that

“The aspirational curriculum, alongside leaders’ character education programme, empowers pupils to believe they can be whatever they want to be.” Ofsted recognised that

“Pupils have many highly effective opportunities to develop their character and understanding of the world around them. The well-thought-out character education programme further develops the whole child."

The recognition of our sustained efforts to build 'citizens of tomorrow’ has further inspired us to continue offering an education system that encourages pupils to flourish in society.