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Modern Languages

Curriculum Intent

(What will a high quality Languages education do for our children?)

  •  It will provide an opening to other cultures
  • Deepen their understanding of the world
  • Communicate for practical purposes and learn new ways of thinking


Curriculum Implementation

At Smiths wood we are proud to deliver MFL Spanish with the use of the Language Angels scheme of work. Find out more here: 

Aim of the Curriculum

(What does the Languages curriculum aim to ensure all pupils know or can do?)

  • Understand and respond to a spoken and written language whilst speaking with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity
  • Improve accuracy of pronunciation
  • Can write at length for different purposes
  • Can take part in conversations and ask questions 

Key Stage 1
Curriculum Overview

  • To experience the spoken language through listening to recordings, songs and poems.
  • To link together key words to create simple sentences about everyday actions.

Key Stage 2
Curriculum Overview

  • There must be a balance of spoken and language laying the foundations for KS3.
  • To communicate facts, feelings and ideas whilst focussing on routine and familiar matters.

Key Stage 1

  • Introduce key words for everyday objects through practical activities.
  •  Begin to pronounce words accurately.
  • To be able to identify words to match an object.
  • Explore rhymes and songs and join in with them.

Key Stage 2

  • Listen attentively to the spoken language.
  • Engage and speak in conversations through sentences.
  • Develop accurate pronunciation and intonation.
  • Describe people, places and things both orally and .
  • Read and understand words and phrases.

 MFL Skills and Knowledge Progression Document



Celebration of Languages

Smith's Wood celebrated Languages day in association with the FIFA World Cup! Children came dressed in costumes linked to their chosen country and experienced a full day exploring their country’s language, history, geography and culture. In Nursery, children explored the United Kingdom, with Reception exploring France and its French cuisine. In Year 1, children explored South Korea and created wonderful landmark sketches. Over in Year 2, children created a football mascot for their chosen country of Belgium. Year 3 explored Portugal of which they created a postcard trip. In Year 4, children learnt key German phrases and went on a shopping trip to buy German foods. Year 5 described the setting of a Brazilian carnival using key phrases, with Year 6 exploring Mexico and created their own portraits of Frida Kahlo.