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More than a school

Our Ethos

Mission Statement

Working in partnership with parents and carers, staff and governors will aim to:

  • Create a safe, secure orderly and accessible learning environment.
  • Deliver exciting, purposeful learning and teaching opportunities both inside, outside and beyond the classroom, through a vibrant curriculum.
  • Set clear and consistent expectations for behaviour, centred around mutual respect.
  • Develop independence and self respect amongst our children.
  • Create a bright, stimulating, interactive place to learn.
  • Develop positive links and communication between home, governors and the wider community to support children`s learning.
  • Provide an inclusive environment in which all children can succeed.

Our aim for every child is that they should:

  • Make good progress.
  • Enjoy learning.
  • Develop lively enquiring minds.
  • Be able to work with others as part of a team.
  • Embrace new technology, alongside traditional skills
  • Show care and respect for the environment and contribute to the community.

We encourage all teachers and support staff to create a positive, forward looking, professional workplace in which teamwork is central, expertise and strengths are shared and where calculated risks are taken.