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More than a school

Outdoor Curriculum Learning

Purpose of the Curriculum

(What will a high quality education do for our children?)

  • To develop pupils physical, social, emotional and self-esteem needs,
  • To enhance other areas of the school curriculum with high quality outdoor experiences
  • To improve pupils knowledge and skills in the urban and rural environment.

Aim of the Curriculum

(What does the curriculum aim to ensure all pupils know or can do?)

  • Improve self esteem
  • Develop of soft skills - dealing with self, others and environment
  • Improve Communication and respect
  • Improve behaviour
  • Awaken Imagination
  • Allow play
  • Improve/develop gross/fine motor, hand/eye coordination

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview 

  • Appreciation of environment, road safety and water safety, survival

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview 

  • Mini beasts, habitats, keen to be green, berry safety, recycling, cycle awareness      

Key Stage 1 Objectives 

  • To value and respect your environment
  • To carry natural resources safely
  • To be aware of road safety
  • To be aware of danger around water
  • To construct a shelter


  • To build a human habitat safely
  • To know that not all plants are edible
  • To reduce the carbon foot print
  • To live sustainably 
  • To have cycle safety awareness

Knowledge or Skills relevant to our school

Key Stage 1

  • Outside safety- stranger danger, road safety, poisonous plants.
  • Respect environment.

Knowledge or Skills relevant to our school

Key Stage 2

  • Respect environment, recycle, live sustainably.
  • To be able to survive in the outdoors.