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Spoken Language

Spoken Language Curriculum Intent


Spoken language is essential to the development of reading and writing. Teachers and staff at Smith’s Wood Primary model high quality and a broad vocabulary. Pupils are given the chance to improve their confidence when speaking in public through a range of opportunities such as whole class discussions, school council meetings, house competitions and extra-curricular activities. Pupils will learn how to engage in discussion and debate. Through drama, pupils will take the role of different characters to sustain roles and answer questions. They will improvise, devise and script drama for a range of purposes. This will be done though working in different sized groups. Pupils will receive regular, constructive feedback on their use of spoken English.


Pupils will learn how to use spoken language confidently. They will learn how to enhance their vocabulary, understand nuance in meaning, understand how to use language figuratively and suggest meaning for unfamiliar vocabulary. They will learn how to use correct spoken English and the correct grammatical terms to describe their writing.